Thursday, 19 September 2013

I must be out of my mind

Creative as my brain is it seems to enjoy it more when it's 1am and I was close to drifting off...
That and I'm waiting for my mother to return home from one of her benders. 
But any how here I am throwing myself out into the world of blogs and I can easily guess I'm not going
to be an over night sensation although it would be pretty amazing but a total and utter miracle.
my problem is well what I believe it to be is;
1) I live in a semi rural market town not exactly Paris or London
2) I am in no way or how Indie or Hipster as per blog requirements should be
3) I am 17 and totally lost when everyone else seems to know what they're doing

erm I guess I could properly explain why I'm here hoping to get the slightest bit of notation 
I'm not going to go cheesy "since I was young" crap because when I was a foetus as such I wanted to be a frog...yup but any how since around the beginning of my final year in the hell pit of secondary school my dream was crushed (not the frog dream I had out grown that once I had discovered S-club 7) but my dream
of becoming a cosmetic scientist. I had this whole dream of combining my love for science
and obsession with make-up and what not into a career but it seemed I had lost my way 
and was quite clearly and I'll add rudely informed in a meeting with 2/3 of my science teachers what
I interpreted as "you're a waste of our time and there is no way you'll ever amount to anything other than perhaps a hairdresser or childminder" these two teachers I will say had no faith in me at all and if I'm honest,
I didn't either.
So with that my science dream died and so somewhere I can't remember along the lines I decided Journalism was for me but it's a work in progress for now 2 years on a diploma in Media and then who knows?

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